New Senor and the Queen Press?

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Could be a new press from sabot through no idea. I’m waiting on final word, so check back tomorrow or next week and I’ll let you know whats up

Couple boots for ya’ll!

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Tobi is amazing. Here are some more boots I’ve failed to upload in the past months. Been super busy screen printing and trying to keep a smile on my face. Enjoy!

The Gaslight Anthem – Live On 102.1 The Edge

The Gaslight Anthem – Live at the Southside Festival (2009)
01 – High Lonesome
02 – Casanova Baby
03 – Old White Lincoln
04 – Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
05 – The `59 Sound
06 – Film Noir
07 – Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?
08 – We Came To Dance
09 – Great Expectations
10 – Miles Davis & The Cool
11 – Meet Me By The Rivers Edge
12 – The Backseat

The Gaslight Anthem – Live On The FOX 6 O’Clock Rock Report (2009)
01 – Great Expectations (Acoustic)
02 – Come Together (The Beatles)(Acoustic)

The Gaslight Anthem – Session At The Channel M Studios In Urbis (2009)
01 – Great Expectations
02 – The `59 Sound
03 – Miles Davis & The Cool
04 – Old White Lincoln
05 – The Patient Ferris Wheel
06 – Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts

The Gaslight Anthem – Live at the Southside Festival (2009)
01 – High Lonesome
02 – Casanova Baby
03 – Old White Lincoln
04 – Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
05 – The `59 Sound
06 – Film Noir
07 – Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?
08 – We Came To Dance
09 – Great Expectations
10 – Miles Davis & The Cool
11 – Meet Me By The Rivers Edge
12 – The Backseat

Brian Fallon – The Coffeehouse Sessions

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From what I understand about these tapes, is this was Brian’s first time recording ever. His friend Chris did it for him and these were recorded at a coffee shop. For some reason they were never released, but they were tracked down, 15 were made, letters of authenticity were made and signed by Brian himself and yeah, that’s about it. Somehow I was able to make the list and deemed worthy. I’ll most likely get it framed and everything, kind of seems like something you would do with it anyways. Here are a couple pictures I grabbed from the site and then check out the video below.

Here is a quick video of Brian explaining how he feels about the tapes… (I couldn’t embed for some reason)

Vinyl Vlog

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I haven’t updated in forever for whatever reason. i will try to get to the discography at the very least in the next few days and keep that updated. I think I need to add three records and two bootlegs. Anyways, just wanted to point you guys to the Vinyl Vlog, a cool video blog about vinyl and punk rock and they interview one of my new favorite bands, The Riot Before. A great band with some gaslight influence in there or at least a similar sound. Click your way over to here: and check out the latest issues. They have some contests going on and it’s pretty short.

The ’59 Sound single on clear vinyl?

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So I was under the impression that the new 59 sound single was going to be on black vinyl. I guess not. Either it’s a mistake or I’m just an idiot. Anyways, check out the pic from vinyl collective and get your copy if you can…


The 59 Sound rerelease up at VC now

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go there if you get a second, these will most likely be gone soon enough and you will be stuck ordering them overseas like every other euro only release 😦

good luck

the 59 sound – new cover art

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Just saw this on eBay. It looks like this might be the art for the new 59 sound single. It’s small, but I think you get the idea. Like I’ve mentioned previously, vinyl collective will be getting a few of these in, 100 I think and those should be coming up for PO this week, so keep yours eyes on the site. If you’re in the Uk or you don’t wanna wait, check out


The ’59 Sound – 7″ rereleased

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Okay, I have some confirmation on numbers and new info regarding this rereleased 59 sound single. There is a PO up at HMV and I’m sure a few other shops will be getting copies. If you’re in the US, Vinyl Collective says they will be getting 50 or so copies in, so wait on that if you can. Anyways, here is all the info regarding this release. Cover art will be along at some point soon I’m sure….

1000 copies – uk only release – 1 pressing on black vinyl
the b-side is a live cover of Pearl Jam “state of love and trust” – live at Webster Hall NYC (video from the show)
the cd has 2 b-sides, the 3rd track is a live version of “we came to dance”.

The ’59 Sound single is being re-released…

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Not really sure what this is about, but it’s the real deal and should be out soon enough. The ’59 Sound single is being re-released with a new track. Not really sure why, how many, where, whatever. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on that since it will be happening eventually.

Chuck Ragan / Brian Fallon – Gospel Songs / Split 7″

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Heads up everyone. I know it’s been ages, but the vinyl scene is slow lately(for gaslight at least) and I can’t keep up with the bootlegs being posted, though I may try and catch up in the next few days if I get some time. Anyways, tomorrow the preorder for the upcoming fallon / ragan split 7″ will be up at vinyl collective. Here is all the info that was posted, so get stoked and don’t miss out, these will most likely go fast! I will add this info to the discography page, but don’t really consider it a gaslight release! I’ll keep you updated on the euro release, though I’m sure it will be through green hell, so keep your eyes on the gaslight board or VC for a group buy.

Chuck Ragan / Brian Fallon – Gospel Songs
Pressing Info (we will have Brown and U.S. Black vinyl):
500 – Brown (Vinyl Collective exclusive)
500 – White (Hot Topic exclusive)
500 – European Pressing – Black
1,000 – Black

Live at Park Ave. – 10″

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So today is record store day and the gaslight anthem is participating. They did a live show at Park Ave. in Florida several months ago and it turned into a Live 10″. When you get your copy, do not think you got a test press. You can think you got one, but you did not get one. Hahahaha, good luck finding a copy by the way, seems they are selling out pretty quickly. I believe Park Ave. still has them on their site for PO, check it out, don’t be the last one. Also, if you’re willing to pay $50 for one today on eBay, well, not even sure what to say, maybe something like this.


The Gaslight Anthem – Live in Seattle – 041109

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So I got hooked up for this show in Seattle and it was my first time seeing them. Here is what I got recorded. Not sure how it rates compared to most bootlegs I’ve posted, but it’s not bad really. Enjoy! Let me know if it works, if I need to adjust something. First time uploading a bootleg or even recording a show.

SideOne, The Gaslight Anthem and AP….

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So there is this deal going on through Side1 and a magazine, AP. For $25, you get a subscription, a CD and I think a shirt or something. Anyways, if you’ve been bailing on the idea because you don’t really need the CD or even the shirt, I’ve got news for you. Order up the package, then email the label and ask for them to switch it out for an LP. The shirt and the LP are worth $30 and you get 12 issues of a magazine. If you’re into the idea, click your way this way and check it out.

Couple new bootlegs and videos

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Tobi has hooked us all up again. Here you go, enjoy!

The Gaslight Anthem – Live From The CD101 Big Room (2009)

The Gaslight Anthem – Turner Hall Ballroom 04.02.09

The Turner Hall Ballroom thing is just a cover of Whiskey In The Jar. Both packages have the videos converted to avi and the mp3s normalized and tagged as always, enjoy!

Sink or Swim – Picture – 5th Euro Press

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Here it is folks. Frank posted this picture on the VC boards and it looks very similar to the first euro pressing, but still kind of cool. This one is /500 just like the rest of the euro pressings.

sink or swim - 5th euro press

I’m going to see the gaslight anthem play, wooooo!

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So through enough begging, pleading and whining. e7c(scott) from has hooked it up for me. So yes, just wanted to thank him for helping me out. Winning tickets to this show was seeming impossible. Over 100 calls were made in the first two days and I had not gotten through once, even a couple times to call and ask if they were giving anymore away in the next few hours, pretty shitty if you ask me. Anyways, I’m going and I’m super stoked. Go visit the forums, sign up, talk about a great band, listen to some bootlegs and make friends because they might get you into a show one day…

Couple new rips for ya’ll!

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Here are a couple new rips from the Spin Sessions and a radio show in the netherlands. Thanks to Tobi for making this happen. I’ll try and have mirrors set up for anyone who can’ hang with rapidshare…

The Gaslight Anthem – 3voor12 Radio Live 26-2-2009

Here we go again, SPIN Sessions, videos (converted to avi) and mp3s (normalized and tagged), enjoy!

A Seattle show???

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So I’m from Seattle, well, south of there, but if I said the name of the town, you would have no clue. Anyways, I’ve been bummed that over basically the past two years there has not been a chance to see the gaslight anthem play a show locally. Sure, could drive down to portland for some sold out show with rise against, but really not trying to go that route, would ruin the show for me. Anyways, a show came up that hasn’t even shown up on the gaslight anthems myspace yet. I look into it a little more and see it’s an invite only show through a local radio station and I don’t really listen to the radio. So basically one of my favorite bands of all time comes through town and I’m gonna be standing outside listening to them because there is no way I’ll win tickets.
Just thought I would rant for a minute. I’ll probably still head up and listen from the outside of the club, no joke. Hope something works out for me, would be bummed to miss out on this…

Senor and the queen – gold vinyl

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Just wanted to mention the new press of senor and the queen on gold vinyl is limited to 335 copies, so grab one or two before they’re gone. I’m still working on figuring out how many copies were on black this time around and my only guess is around 700. I had heard the box looked to be around 1,000 copies total. I’ll update again if I hear anything new.

Sink or Swim – 5th Euro Press

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Just saw this posted via blog on myspace. If your copy sounds shitty, get in touch with gunner records via myspace. I know of no other way to get in touch with him. If you can’t sign up, get in touch with me and I’ll forward your info to him for you. Looks like you’re copy of clear with blue is worth a little more money than you thought, hah!

hallo everyone,

the gaslight anthem – sink or swim 5th press vinyl just arrived ..there are 500 copies of it…

the vinyl colour is: blue with white springe

each one will be different since some have less white on it than others…..

a mail to order or get it through my distributors : broken silence
(germany, austria, switzerland) or sonic rendezvous (benelux) or code7

appearently we had problems with the 4th press …some of the records skipped and had other damages…it turned out that it was the pressing plants fault, since they had some trouble while pressing it…some of them are good some of them are damaged…i’ll give the copies that i have at home back to the pressing plant where they will be destroyed…

i checked the 5th press …they sound great!

thank you!