A Seattle show???

So I’m from Seattle, well, south of there, but if I said the name of the town, you would have no clue. Anyways, I’ve been bummed that over basically the past two years there has not been a chance to see the gaslight anthem play a show locally. Sure, could drive down to portland for some sold out show with rise against, but really not trying to go that route, would ruin the show for me. Anyways, a show came up that hasn’t even shown up on the gaslight anthems myspace yet. I look into it a little more and see it’s an invite only show through a local radio station and I don’t really listen to the radio. So basically one of my favorite bands of all time comes through town and I’m gonna be standing outside listening to them because there is no way I’ll win tickets.
Just thought I would rant for a minute. I’ll probably still head up and listen from the outside of the club, no joke. Hope something works out for me, would be bummed to miss out on this…


5 Responses to “A Seattle show???”

  1. ya same here im pissed.. im from central WA and im gonna hav to head down to portland.. even if we did win tickets its still 21+ that sucks

  2. I’m coming to WA for that show, all the way from Missouri…I listened online and got tickets, my friend who lives in Tacoma, him AND his wife both won tickets…so in total 6 of us get to go….keep trying man, I got them and I live 2000 miles away…going to the Portland show also…probably going to be the best vacation I’ve ever taken.

  3. I heard that you got tickets to the show! Have a good time

  4. Here we go again, SPIN Sessions, videos (converted to avi) and mp3s (normalized and tagged), enjoy!

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