Live at Park Ave. – 10″

So today is record store day and the gaslight anthem is participating. They did a live show at Park Ave. in Florida several months ago and it turned into a Live 10″. When you get your copy, do not think you got a test press. You can think you got one, but you did not get one. Hahahaha, good luck finding a copy by the way, seems they are selling out pretty quickly. I believe Park Ave. still has them on their site for PO, check it out, don’t be the last one. Also, if you’re willing to pay $50 for one today on eBay, well, not even sure what to say, maybe something like this.



5 Responses to “Live at Park Ave. – 10″”

  1. I thought I was a special one. Turns out I’m not.

  2. Has anyone listened to their copy yet? I’m still waiting on mine to arrive

  3. By the way, I got a black copy of the new US pressing of Senor. Matrix appears to be the same as the first pressing. Only difference I can tell is that the new pressing has paper sleeves for the records and the first pressing doesn’t

  4. Mine arrived in the mail with the poster today, one week after RSD. Not too shabby. I really wish that I had my record player set up right now though.

  5. Well, here’s some great news. I got an email from my local indie store saying that the thinkindie digital store has launched. You can get an mp3 version of the Live at Park Ave. 10″ for $4.99.

    Here’s the link to Knoxville’s version. It looks like there’s one big thinkindie site that is linked to by individual indie stores.

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