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The ’59 Sound single on clear vinyl?

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So I was under the impression that the new 59 sound single was going to be on black vinyl. I guess not. Either it’s a mistake or I’m just an idiot. Anyways, check out the pic from vinyl collective and get your copy if you can…



The ’59 Sound – 7″ rereleased

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Okay, I have some confirmation on numbers and new info regarding this rereleased 59 sound single. There is a PO up at HMV and I’m sure a few other shops will be getting copies. If you’re in the US, Vinyl Collective says they will be getting 50 or so copies in, so wait on that if you can. Anyways, here is all the info regarding this release. Cover art will be along at some point soon I’m sure….

1000 copies – uk only release – 1 pressing on black vinyl
the b-side is a live cover of Pearl Jam “state of love and trust” – live at Webster Hall NYC (video from the show)
the cd has 2 b-sides, the 3rd track is a live version of “we came to dance”.

The Gaslight Anthem – Live in Seattle – 041109

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So I got hooked up for this show in Seattle and it was my first time seeing them. Here is what I got recorded. Not sure how it rates compared to most bootlegs I’ve posted, but it’s not bad really. Enjoy! Let me know if it works, if I need to adjust something. First time uploading a bootleg or even recording a show.

SideOne, The Gaslight Anthem and AP….

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So there is this deal going on through Side1 and a magazine, AP. For $25, you get a subscription, a CD and I think a shirt or something. Anyways, if you’ve been bailing on the idea because you don’t really need the CD or even the shirt, I’ve got news for you. Order up the package, then email the label and ask for them to switch it out for an LP. The shirt and the LP are worth $30 and you get 12 issues of a magazine. If you’re into the idea, click your way this way and check it out.

Couple new bootlegs and videos

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Tobi has hooked us all up again. Here you go, enjoy!

The Gaslight Anthem – Live From The CD101 Big Room (2009)

The Gaslight Anthem – Turner Hall Ballroom 04.02.09

The Turner Hall Ballroom thing is just a cover of Whiskey In The Jar. Both packages have the videos converted to avi and the mp3s normalized and tagged as always, enjoy!

I’m going to see the gaslight anthem play, wooooo!

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So through enough begging, pleading and whining. e7c(scott) from has hooked it up for me. So yes, just wanted to thank him for helping me out. Winning tickets to this show was seeming impossible. Over 100 calls were made in the first two days and I had not gotten through once, even a couple times to call and ask if they were giving anymore away in the next few hours, pretty shitty if you ask me. Anyways, I’m going and I’m super stoked. Go visit the forums, sign up, talk about a great band, listen to some bootlegs and make friends because they might get you into a show one day…

Senor and the queen – gold vinyl

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Just wanted to mention the new press of senor and the queen on gold vinyl is limited to 335 copies, so grab one or two before they’re gone. I’m still working on figuring out how many copies were on black this time around and my only guess is around 700. I had heard the box looked to be around 1,000 copies total. I’ll update again if I hear anything new.