Sink or Swim – 5th Euro Press

Just saw this posted via blog on myspace. If your copy sounds shitty, get in touch with gunner records via myspace. I know of no other way to get in touch with him. If you can’t sign up, get in touch with me and I’ll forward your info to him for you. Looks like you’re copy of clear with blue is worth a little more money than you thought, hah!

hallo everyone,

the gaslight anthem – sink or swim 5th press vinyl just arrived ..there are 500 copies of it…

the vinyl colour is: blue with white springe

each one will be different since some have less white on it than others…..

a mail to order or get it through my distributors : broken silence
(germany, austria, switzerland) or sonic rendezvous (benelux) or code7

appearently we had problems with the 4th press …some of the records skipped and had other damages…it turned out that it was the pressing plants fault, since they had some trouble while pressing it…some of them are good some of them are damaged…i’ll give the copies that i have at home back to the pressing plant where they will be destroyed…

i checked the 5th press …they sound great!

thank you!




3 Responses to “Sink or Swim – 5th Euro Press”

  1. Thanks for this update. I’ve created a myspace account so I can quit whining about not being able to contact Gunnar.

  2. Gunnar told me as of now 150 have been destroyed.

  3. Asked Gunnar again, 200 have been destroyed

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