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New Senor and the Queen Press?

Posted in 10", vinyl on December 3, 2009 by amemoryoncelost

Could be a new press from sabot through no idea. I’m waiting on final word, so check back tomorrow or next week and I’ll let you know whats up


Live at Park Ave. – 10″

Posted in 10", park ave on April 18, 2009 by amemoryoncelost

So today is record store day and the gaslight anthem is participating. They did a live show at Park Ave. in Florida several months ago and it turned into a Live 10″. When you get your copy, do not think you got a test press. You can think you got one, but you did not get one. Hahahaha, good luck finding a copy by the way, seems they are selling out pretty quickly. I believe Park Ave. still has them on their site for PO, check it out, don’t be the last one. Also, if you’re willing to pay $50 for one today on eBay, well, not even sure what to say, maybe something like this.


Live 10″ Pressing information

Posted in 10", park ave, preorder, press info., updates on February 17, 2009 by amemoryoncelost

I just got off the phone with a nice guy from Park Ave in Florida about the new Live 10″. He didn’t have a ton of information, but did mention there was 2,000 pressed on black vinyl. I asked him about a possible store exclusive color and he said he wished it could have worked out like that, but no, just the 2,000 on black. Hope that answers some questions if anyone was wondering. If you do order from Park Ave, you will get a free poster with your order, which is a bonus. This will be released on the 18th of April as well..

Live 10″ PO is up now at Park Ave.

Posted in 10", park ave, preorder, updates with tags , , on February 17, 2009 by amemoryoncelost

I wasn’t sure if this was a 10″ or a CD, but it now says 10″. I have tried twice now to get in touch with someone about pressing information but they haven’t returned any of my emails which kind of sucks, I’ll keep trying and get the scoop on everything. Either way, click here and get yourself a free poster! Looks to be about $15 shipped in the US, lost more if you don’t live here. Good luck!

The Gaslight Anthem has announced that they will be releasing a LIMITED EDITION 10″ (Vinyl) for this year’s Record Store Day (4/18/2009). The release is titled “Live at Park Ave.” and, as the name hints at, features a live recording of the band’s performance at Park Avenue CDs this past fall, when they were passing through Orlando, FL. This release will be sold exclusively at independent records stores across the country and in VERY LIMITED QUANTITY. “Live at Park Ave.” features 6 songs that The Gaslight Anthem rarely plays live (“Film Noir”, “Miles Davis & the Cool”, “Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts”, “The Navesink Banks”, “Here’s Looking at You, Kid” and a cover of “Once Upon a Time”, originally written by Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise). So mark April 18th on your calendar and get yourself to your favorite local record store on that day! ORDER FROM US AND GET A FREE limited edition 11″ x 17″ POSTER (VERY limited EDITION) COMMEMORATING THEIR INSTORE EVENT! (You Get 1 Poster per 10″ Ordered…)

Park Ave. Live performance…

Posted in 10", park ave, rumors with tags , , , on October 20, 2008 by amemoryoncelost

I kind of forgot to update about this rumored live 10″ from the live performance at Park Ave. CD’s. Basically someone thought there was going to be a live 10″ and heads started spinning. I got in touch with the people at Park Ave and they gave me the final word on what’s going on. Basically they said the record most in store performances they do. Then, they let the band listen and if they like it and Park Ave. can jump through enough hoops, they press it to vinyl or CD. So basically, there is a small chance the show could be pressed, but chances are it won’t see the light of day. If I hear anything new about this, I’ll be sure to post back, but as of now, i wouldn’t worry about it.

Senor and the Queen @ Vinyl Collective

Posted in 10", gunner, mailorder, press info. with tags , , , on October 8, 2008 by amemoryoncelost

For all of us gaslight collectors in the US and other places, the 10″ import form gunner records is up. You can click your way using this link and order up a copy if you need to. I’ll also include what Virgil had to say about the press and the mystery press as well. Good luck!

Being a Gaslight Anthem vinyl collector has not been an cheap hobby. There have been lots of pressings and repressings this year and it has been dizzying keeping up with it. Just when you thought you could breath a little easier, we have 2 more pressings to tell you about. Gunnar at Gunner records had intended to repress the Senor and the Queen 10″ on white vinyl and when we received copies of the repress, they were on black vinyl. Not quite sure how this happened, he contacted his manufacturer and asked for a white vinyl repress. Not one to discard beautiful vinyl, we also kept the black vinyl. For those keeping score at home, we are calling the 2nd pressing on black vinyl pressing 1.5. The pressings can be distinguished by the 10″ jacket which is larger and which opens up at the top. I think that there might be different inscribings on the wax, too. We also have to offer pressing #2 which is actually on white vinyl. We have 190 of each posted in the store and these are not going to last very long. Get one while you can. I am not sure if there are more plans to repress this.

Senor and the Queen – Mystery Press

Posted in 10", gunner, mailorder, rumors, variants with tags , , , , on October 7, 2008 by amemoryoncelost

Okay, I have pretty solid information from two sources on these mysterious black copies of Senor and the Queen. The first press from Gunner Records was on black vinyl out of 500. The second press is on white vinyl out of 500. From what I can understand, there was a mixup and instead of the white vinyl, black vinyl showed up. I haven’t heard on numbers yet, but I would have to assume this mixup on black vinyl is out of 500. The thing is, these new black copies were pressed at a different location and the etchings are different. So if you’re a serious collector, this will be yet another variant to track down. The cool thing is, Vinyl Collective will be posting orders for these today. Both the mystery press and the 2nd press on white vinyl. He has 198 copies of each color and those should be going up today minus any issues. I’ll post back when I get more word on numbers and any other information I can help out. Thanks goes out to Andy for confirming the etchings between the first press and this mystery press.

First Press Etching – FLV-205.948
Mystery Press Etching – PIRATES PRESS GNR7

EDIT: These “were supposed” to go up today, but Virgil is waiting for some final numbers/words from Gunner Records before putting these up. So basically they could go up anytime in the next day or two. Maybe later tonight, most likely tomorrow, hell, maybe at the end of week since Gunnar is on tour right now with the Cobra Skulls, if he’s with them that is. He got back to me quick, so we’ll see…