Upcoming Release Info

I get questions all the time about when a record is shipping, when it’s going to be released or when a PO is going up, this page will do it’s best to address that information, at least as best as I know it. If you know of anything else and it’s from a reliable source, get in touch!

Sink or Swim Demos – 2nd Press – These are said be arriving late October or Early November. The VC exclusive color is already gone, but No Idea has their exclusive still up as well. VC should have the yellow copies for awhile considering the size of the press(1600)

Sink Or Swim – US – 3rd Press on Green and Purple – These are out and about. You can still order these from No Idea or Vinyl Collective.

Sink Or Swim – Euro – 3rd Press on Clear – These are out now. If you live overseas, you can order these directly from gunner records or your other favorite mailorder/shop. If you live in the US, you will need to do a little work to grab one of these or order overseas to get one. Check your favorite message board for group buys.

Senor and the Queen – Euro – 2nd Press on White – You can order these from gunner now. Vinyl Collective should have these for awhile.

V/A “All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash” LP – all colors – There was one last delay for the vinyl, should be shipping by the 7th of November. If you missed out on vinyl, a couple mailorders will be getting the splatter version and another press is in the works.


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