Audio Downloads

As far as I know, all of these are demos/radio/live recordings. If anyone has an issue with anything posted here, please get in touch and we’ll go from there. I’m not making any money off these recordings, I didn’t even upload them in the first place. So enjoy them for what they are and get in touch if you know of anymore, thanks!

Live at the Middle East 02-23-2008
Live at the Annandale Hotel – Sydney Australia 07-30-2008
Live In Boston 08-17-2008
Live In Manchester 08-26-2008
Live in Baltimore – 10-12-2008

Area 4 Festival TV rip…
91x X-Sessions
Sink Or Swim Demos
Brian Fallon – Acoustic on KEXP
Brian Fallon – Acoustic with Alternative Press
The ’59 Sound – Live
A Few Live “Sink Or Swim” Songs


8 Responses to “Audio Downloads”

  1. […] link if you can’t see to the right… […]

  2. About the Live At The Middle East recording, what is the song they play halfway through Angry Johnny And The Radio?

    • Stevearm Says:

      The song in the middle of Angry Johnny and the Radio is What Becomes of the Broken Hearted by Jimmy Ruffin

  3. hxc gaslight fan Says:

    i had a few of those via specialized private btt sites, but over half of them are new! appreciate this so much 🙂

  4. What is the full setlist for the Middle East show? I’m a new fan and don’t know all the titles that well, yet.

  5. Hey guys…….there is a couple of tracks on this my space page…..……….a few ive never heard….(the blues) (scene of the crime) (five year plan) (the weight)………i have to know where to get these tracks….its very rare that an act comes along like the gaslight anthem…..i assume these tracks are from an older release…you can still instantly recognize the awsome song writing man…….

    hope someone can help

    • I think those songs are from an earlier band that Brian Fallon was in, so it’s never been released. (I can be mistaken though)

  6. Hi. Can you by any chance upload the spin the black cirle b-side that is included on the 59 sound single? thx

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