New US press of Sink or Swim

So every couple days or weeks, whenever I remember or am really bored, I cruise through the no idea site and see if they have anything new I missed or new presses. Well, the sink or swim description had changed and instead of the usual green or purple vinyl words, it said now on clear vinyl. I emailed them real quick and this morning it was confirmed that it is a new press on clear vinyl. Very interesting they would do it on clear since gunnar already did a press on clear. So yeah, figured I would let you know. I was told all US presses would be /1000 from now on, so I’m assuming it’s /1000, but will update once I get word on that. You can grab these at no idea right now and I’m sure vinyl collective will have some soon and any where no idea sends vinyl to.

edit: this press is /500 and is supposed to be the last color for the US pressings, they will continue to do clear “Forever” according to the email I just received. Very interesting…

PS. Telling the difference will be easiest by the logos on the back of the LP, if you don’t trust that for some reason, check the etchings…


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