Live 10″ PO is up now at Park Ave.

I wasn’t sure if this was a 10″ or a CD, but it now says 10″. I have tried twice now to get in touch with someone about pressing information but they haven’t returned any of my emails which kind of sucks, I’ll keep trying and get the scoop on everything. Either way, click here and get yourself a free poster! Looks to be about $15 shipped in the US, lost more if you don’t live here. Good luck!

The Gaslight Anthem has announced that they will be releasing a LIMITED EDITION 10″ (Vinyl) for this year’s Record Store Day (4/18/2009). The release is titled “Live at Park Ave.” and, as the name hints at, features a live recording of the band’s performance at Park Avenue CDs this past fall, when they were passing through Orlando, FL. This release will be sold exclusively at independent records stores across the country and in VERY LIMITED QUANTITY. “Live at Park Ave.” features 6 songs that The Gaslight Anthem rarely plays live (“Film Noir”, “Miles Davis & the Cool”, “Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts”, “The Navesink Banks”, “Here’s Looking at You, Kid” and a cover of “Once Upon a Time”, originally written by Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise). So mark April 18th on your calendar and get yourself to your favorite local record store on that day! ORDER FROM US AND GET A FREE limited edition 11″ x 17″ POSTER (VERY limited EDITION) COMMEMORATING THEIR INSTORE EVENT! (You Get 1 Poster per 10″ Ordered…)


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