I’m done…

I’ve starting parting out my gaslight anthem collection. I don’t wanna get all pissy about this and that, my expectations about a few things in the vinyl community were a little jaded and far shorter than I really expected. I don’t think I’ll be going after any collections at this point besides my small Look Mexico collection, a great band you should all check out, especially for fans of the late American Football. I really miss the mid to late 90’s when record labels were stoked to talk to you and have relationships with the people spending money on their records/bands. I rarely see this anymore and it’s really kind of a joke. Anyone who knows this band knows the amount of vinyl out there to track down. Getting some of it was easy, getting some of them just never happened. So no thanks to Sabot Productions for ducking me for over a year now and I’m sure a couple of other people. Handing out money is fine when you get something in return. /soapbox
Just a little fuel for the hate game or something like that. If you’re interested in any of my records, I have them all except for the black sink or swim, which is gone.
The site was still here. I’ve had a few people express interest in taking over the reigns, just not sure if that’s something I want to do or not. Something like seeing your baby being raised by someone else, you’re gonna super critical of everything they do.


4 Responses to “I’m done…”

  1. Still have the red/white Sink or Swim first press?

  2. i’ve gotten worked by Sabot too. I just don’t buy from them after the incident. If Sabot puts out something i want, i contact no idea to make sure they have exactly what i want, and order it. no idea is legit. a big middle finger to Sabot. If you can’t run a label effectively, close down.

    there are still great bands and labels out there, don’t get discouraged.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about that, but I’ve been watching this blog and drooling over your collection for a while, so I’d be more than willing to take some of these off your hands!

    I’m especially interested in:
    -Sink or Swim: red/white splatter/500
    -59 Sound: green/300 or white/500
    -Senor & the Queen: white 2×7″/100, or autographed, or 10″ black jacket variant/200
    -Sink or Swim demos: blue/gray splatter/104

    Let me know what you’re asking for each of these. You can contact me at havingablast99@hotmail.com

  4. I am also getting rid of my gaslight collection, if anyone is interested contact me at weakweek1111@aol.com

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