Sink or Swim – 4th Euro Press

Well folks, right along with a new senor and the queen press(which was confirmed) is the 4th euro press of Sink or Swim. Pics should be creeping in any day now, but I hear it’s amazing. As usual, this will be a spendy one to grab. You can get in touch with gunnar through his myspace or through a few other locations. I see there is also a group buy going on through the sale section on the VC boards. Pick your poison….

hallo everyone,

for their european tour the gaslight anthem – sink or swim 4th press vinyl just arrived ..there are 500 copies of it…

the vinyl colour is: clear with blue springe

it looks actually really beautiful….

drop a mail to order or get it through my distributors : broken silence (germany, austria, switzerland) or sonic rendezvous (benelux) or code7 (UK)

thank you!




2 Responses to “Sink or Swim – 4th Euro Press”

  1. so whats the next senor colors?

  2. Hey man, do you have the gunner records email address? He hasn’t ever responded on myspace.

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