Brian Fallon – Solo Work

Just wanted to point out the Brian Fallon, singer of The Gaslight Anthem(I hope you know that much) will be doing some solo/acoustic show in the Northeast this winter, as well as some recording and other projects. I really enjoy the acoustic stuff I’ve heard from him and wish him the best on being out there like this and I really hope it works out for him and that he finds his way out to the Northwest sometime! Anyways, click your mouse over to and check it out. He has one song up right now, a great Bruce Springsteen cover and I’m sure we’ll see more soon enough.


5 Responses to “Brian Fallon – Solo Work”

  1. Here`s the high quality version of the file from myspace:

  2. There are also 2 songs featuring Brian Fallon on the Communication Redlight myspace:

    You can even download some more songs here:
    Information is here:

  3. Nice finds Tobi

  4. Ok, here`s my newest rip, I grabbed the asf source files and converted them to mp3 with db poweramp, nice quality for sure 😉 …

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