Solidarity Recordings – Free Compilation!

Here we go again, free music. Can’t complain much about that, even if it doesn’t have this band or that band. There is some quality stuff on here and some local bands to me(NW). Give it a shot!

Happy Holidays to all! I am proud to announce the first annual Solidarity Recordings Holiday Comp/Sampler 2008! Its a (30) track digital download comp/sampler, and the greatest thing is its FREE!! I wanna thank all the great bands that contributed a track. I hope everyone enjoys it, and i hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday season! Enjoy!


download link:

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1. The Hot Toddies – Santa Baby
2. The Atom Age – One Minute to Midnight
3. Lemuria – Mechanical
4. Anchor Down – El Radio
5. For.The.Win. – Another Day
6. Olehole – Chimps Night Out
7. The Queers – I Can’t Stay Mad At You
8. O Pioneers – Dead City Sound
9. Echoes of Harpers Ferry – Endangered Species
10. I-Spy – Appliances and Cars
11. imadethismistake – Clear Skies Beyond Tallahassee
12. Anchor Arms – Cold Blooded
13. Hanalei – One Big Night
14. Slow Fade – A Day In Slow Motion
15. Pteradon -Hey Freddie Mercury
16. Like Claw – Ache (Jawbreaker Cover)
17. The Action Design – Connect/Disconnect
18. Wayne Arms – A Kind of Revolution
19. Mike Park – Crowd (Operation Ivy Cover)
20. Bastards of Young – New Reaction
21. The Ghost – Gem, Mint Ten
22. Ok Pilot – Are You Afraid of the Sting
23. The Honor System – Muffled by Concrete
24. Yeti Hands – Goodnight Firefly
25. Amanda Stahl – Run Away
26. Arms Aloft – Comfort at Any Cost
27. Success! – Trains, Planes, Bicycle Mobiles
28. The Damage Done – Teen Bop Hit Factory
29. Get Dead – Leave a Message
30. Hanalei – Moth to Flame


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