Anchorless Records updates!

So most of you should be aware of Anchorless Records by now. They put out the All Aboard comp and are working on new projects. Now these don’t have much to do with The Gaslight Anthem, but one of the bands he mentions is a local band for me and they’re a great band in general. Anyways, here is what he had to say and check his site out for some other great bands. Oh and if you skip the text below, they do have some of those coasters being given away over at vinyl collective. Get in touch!

Hi guys, so as 2008 comes to a close we look back to our best year so far. All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash was released and we could not be happier with the way it came out and the response from everyone. It was a wonderful experience and a pleasure to work with so many great bands and people. A huge thank you is in order to all that helped out and supported this release. For those who have not yet picked it up, please do! We have more LPs in stock on Opaque Brown vinyl(which looks amazing with the artwork), in addition to CDs. Be on the look out for a sweet feature in the upcoming issue of AMP magazine.

While we were unpacking a shipment of CDs we found a nice package from our friends at Pirates Press. It was about 40 “coasters” from the FIRST pressing of the All Aboard LP. Basically it is the center of the LPs cut out with the artwork on them. We will be sending out 1 of these with every order through the new year starting with orders placed today 12/15. If you would like to just order a coaster you can do so by emailing us directly

What does 2009 have in store??? Well we are very excited for the first 2 releases planned.

First is a split 7″ with Yesterday’s Ring and Tumbledown. For those unfamiliar with the bands, Yesterday’s Ring is a punk/country band featuring members of The Sainte Catherines who would fit perfectly on a show with Lucero, Hot Water Music, and The Gaslight Anthem. Tumbledown is a punk/alt-country band featuring Mike Herrera from MxPx. Please check out both bands at the following links:
Yesterdays Ring

The 7″ will be on various colors, include a Mp3 download coupon, and have 2 songs from each band.
We are also stoked to release a split 7″ with How Dare You, and another great band TBA soon!
How Dare You just released their debut album, and it is one of my favorite records of the year. It is along the lines of Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, and In The Red. Check them out
How Dare You

Well, have a great holiday season everyone, and see you in 2009!!!
Lastly, we will ship orders up until Dec 22nd and resume on Jan 3rd.



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