Old White Lincoln pics of my own!

Got my 7″ yesterday and am very pleased. The white vinyl looks great and the 59 sounds great, much better than the original versions floating around, though Tobi just uploaded some much better versions. Anyways, took some pics and uploaded them, check them out if you haven’t already checked out the other ones I uploaded a few days ago. I actually ordered a couple to save on shipping and to give one as a christmas gift. I’m not sure what it’s called, but on most LP’s you have the flat spot along one edge to show the title and band name or whatever else. This 7″ has it as well, but it’s along the bottom edge, which is kind of off. Not sure if that was a mistake or meant to be that way, but whatever, hah. If you haven’t picked one of these up, you shouldn’t have a problem tracking one down. This is limited to 1,000 copies on white, in the UK only.


One Response to “Old White Lincoln pics of my own!”

  1. what record player is that?

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