Records are shipping!

I’m sure you’re aware of the old white lincoln 7″ by now. If you aren’t, go find yourself a copy as they are shipping and finding their way onto record players everywhere.
Also shipping is the brown press of All Aboard: A Johnny Cash tribute from Vinyl Collective. I got my shipping notice today at least. Virgil posted some pictures of the vinyl, but I’m too lazy to save it and re-upload them. I’ll post some as soon as my copy arrives.


3 Responses to “Records are shipping!”

  1. As usual here`s the mp3s and divx-videos 😉 … this includes a fine version of “The Weight” by The Band …

  2. Here`s a way better rip than the one floating around:
    Did this myself and tagged the files correctly … you know the deal … enjoy!

  3. I ordered two copies of the OWL 7″ and one of copy of the CD single from Banquet Records. The two records arrived today but I’m still missing the CD. Hopefully that will arrive soon, as the records are for me but the CD is for my girlfriend.

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