Old White Lincoln – Pictures!

Saw these posted over at the VC boards today. Looks nice, can’t wait for these to arrive! Looks like there could be some variations out there as well! Remember this is limited to 1,000 copies on white vinyl and is a UK release only. You can find them via banquet records or ebay seems to be a pretty good spot as well. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!




5 Responses to “Old White Lincoln – Pictures!”

  1. ooo, looks good.


  2. I ripped the 97X Green Room Session from the videos and converted the videos to DivX, all included:

  3. Ok, tried to post some more stuff via comments the last few days but the comments seem to disappear … one more try … this inlcudes the videos and mp3s …


  4. Just got word that my copy shipped yesterday. The pics look great

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