another sink or swim test pressing

You can check the link out here and big hard. Well, unless you’ve won the lottery recently, good luck! It’s almost at $300 and it’s been up for four hours. I really wish I could own this TP, but funds will probably never allow it. It’s okay, as long as I got the music on my iPod, I’m fine! Love every single song on that LP and after hearing the songs so many times, each one means something to me in one way or another. Call it emo or cheesy, just feel the lyrics hit me.

Anyways, enough about me. Bid on this record and send it to me for christmas. Sorry it’s been slow, nothing much to report and I’ve been busy as hell. Have a nice thanksgiving if you’re from the US.


3 Responses to “another sink or swim test pressing”

  1. By the way … this is the full set from Area4, not only the partial one broadcastet on television some time ago, but this isn`t separated into tracks … it´s one big mp3 file …

  2. I totally thought that this test pressing would go for more than $350. Unfortunately it was still out of my price range.

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