Sink or Swim demos on gold?

I hadn’t seen the No Idea exclusive for the Sink or Swim demos until this morning and I see it on ebay. These are grabbed from the guys auction. I was admit that I was expecting a completely different color, but this actually looks pretty damn good. Click the pics for bigger ones…




6 Responses to “Sink or Swim demos on gold?”

  1. Thats an interesting colour. I like it.

  2. how many were pressed do you know?

  3. 650 I think
    I expected a colour like the gold ’59 Sound 7″ but yeah I like this colour too.

  4. 650 were pressed

  5. Got my gold copies in the mail today and they look exactly like that picture. I don’t think I have any other vinyl that colour

  6. got my gold and yellow in the mail today, the gold is pretty cool! waiting on green/black now! btw, theres about 10 on ebay plus the full set of 3 for $45!

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