Old White Lincoln updates

Just got some updated info about the upcoming single from The Gaslight Anthem. According to SideOneDummy, the 7″ will be pressed on white vinyl and will be limited to 1,000 copies. Obviously will include Old White Lincoln and the b-side will be the ’59 sound – live acoustic from KEXP. There are preorders starting to pop up on various sites including amazon.de, hmv.co.uk and a couple others. I have been in touch with a couple mailorders to help out with anyone from the US who will want to order a copy and hopefully make it as easy as possible for us. I’ll post back when I can track down one of these mailorders who is willing to make it the easiest.


2 Responses to “Old White Lincoln updates”

  1. just ordered from hmv, was only around 7 pounds including postage to australia, not to bad i thaught! and it was an easy site to deal with

  2. yeah, I’m still waiting on an answer from banquet records, I figure I might just do the pre-order through HMV in the next day or two if I don’t hear back

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