The Fest 7 comp – free download

I just ran across this via myspace and going to start downloading right away. It’s a comp of no idea bands for the fest going on next weekend in florida. I’m pretty sure the gaslight anthem is playing, among so many other great bands. I’m making it a personal goal to be there next year and party way too much! Anyways, check out the comp. Someone should be a great guy, download this and then re-upload it to mediafire(it’s 90MB). If you do, give me the link and I’ll post it! Enjoy!

Oh yeah, you need the link.


3 Responses to “The Fest 7 comp – free download”

  1. So I turned the video into some nice little mp3s:

    The Gaslight Anthem – Area4 Festival 2008

  2. Also this was posted by someone on the official Gaslight Anthem forums:

    The Gaslight Anthem – Live in Baltimore – 10/12/2008

  3. Thanks for the mp3 links/conversion, Tobi 🙂

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