All Aboard – updates

Couple cool things in this post from Virgil over at Vinyl Collective. Take a look here or read below.

Just got off the phone with Neil from Anchorless and he gave me a few updates about the Johnny Cash Tribute, “All Aboard”. Due to unapproved test pressings and remastering/replating, the records are delayed a bit. It looks as though we will get them at the latest on November 7th.

They are currently sold out in our store, we are getting 190 more copies from Anchorless and those copies will be going to distros like No Idea, Revelation, Interpunk, some mom and pop stores, and a few others. I highly encourage you keep an eye out for these records when they arrive at their respective places because they will sell out immediately.

Neil and I had a discussion about doing another pressing of the album and he is about to do so. I think he will just do one color on the repress so it doesn’t get too ridiculous. Thanks to how well it has done through pre-orders, Shirts for a Cure are going to get some good proceeds going to them. Anchorless is also pressing more CDs as they are nearly out of CDs, too.

If you want to take a listen, stop by the stream.


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