The ’59 Sound on green vinyl – pictures!

Some photos of the green vinyl are starting to find their way to the internets. I got my email this morning saying mine was shipped. For what I paid, hope it’s coming in a briefcase, handcuffed to some dude in a black suit. Anyways, there photos from from Frank on the Vinyl Collective message boards. Look at them there or here, whatever. And for extra geek points, if you’re interested, the green vinyl has the same etchings as the 1,000 euro copies floating around. If you missed the post about these, these were available directly through, a mailorder in Germany. The shipping prices are a little steep, but they’ve been easy to deal with and it’s not too tough to order yourself a copy, but do it soon as I can imagine these are already close to being gone. The green is limited to 300 copies.


2 Responses to “The ’59 Sound on green vinyl – pictures!”

  1. It’s a good time to be studying abroad in europe… hooray for relatively cheap shipping!

  2. look horrible with the album art

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