Live in Manchester! Bootleg alert!

Live In Manchester 08-26-2008
Check it out, I’m on this really cool internet called dialup, so I haven’t checked it out, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait. Let me know if you guys have any problems with it.


5 Responses to “Live in Manchester! Bootleg alert!”

  1. Hi,
    This IS a really good recording, but the original taper (who put it on DIME) said that he didn’t want it converted to mp3s. It is very nice of you to put it up, but I think we should also respect the taper’s wishes when he’s willing to share, or people will just stop sharing.

    Original source:

  2. I would have no idea whether he said that or not, I can’t register or get in touch with him in any way. I have no idea why a person would share a bootleg, especially via a torrent and not expect it to get shared. I kind of thought that was the point of bootlegs anyways….

  3. Yeah, but some people get a bit precious about it all, sound quality MP3’s V’s FLAC, don’t see the /hear that much difference myself, but hey my hearings a bit shot after too many years of loud rock’n’roll.

  4. well, fuck that with minidisc recorded flac bullshit. to be honest, those liverecordings sound not that good to have to be shared in flac format. a v0 rip or even 192kbps rip is completely acceptable. it’s just not worth a size of 600MB or so. thanks for this mp3 rip, makes 100% more sence to me!

  5. Amemoryoncelost: It’s not that the original taper doesn’t want to share, he doesn’t want it converted to mp3s. Now people might argue whether a bootleg’s quality is worth to be shared only in FLAC, but when the taper explicitly states that he wants people to share it only in that format, I can imagine that he wouldn’t be very happy and would, in the future, not share openly at all (i.e. only private trades).

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