Senor and the Queen @ Vinyl Collective

For all of us gaslight collectors in the US and other places, the 10″ import form gunner records is up. You can click your way using this link and order up a copy if you need to. I’ll also include what Virgil had to say about the press and the mystery press as well. Good luck!

Being a Gaslight Anthem vinyl collector has not been an cheap hobby. There have been lots of pressings and repressings this year and it has been dizzying keeping up with it. Just when you thought you could breath a little easier, we have 2 more pressings to tell you about. Gunnar at Gunner records had intended to repress the Senor and the Queen 10″ on white vinyl and when we received copies of the repress, they were on black vinyl. Not quite sure how this happened, he contacted his manufacturer and asked for a white vinyl repress. Not one to discard beautiful vinyl, we also kept the black vinyl. For those keeping score at home, we are calling the 2nd pressing on black vinyl pressing 1.5. The pressings can be distinguished by the 10″ jacket which is larger and which opens up at the top. I think that there might be different inscribings on the wax, too. We also have to offer pressing #2 which is actually on white vinyl. We have 190 of each posted in the store and these are not going to last very long. Get one while you can. I am not sure if there are more plans to repress this.


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  1. These copies have shipped!

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