Senor and the Queen – Mystery Press

Okay, I have pretty solid information from two sources on these mysterious black copies of Senor and the Queen. The first press from Gunner Records was on black vinyl out of 500. The second press is on white vinyl out of 500. From what I can understand, there was a mixup and instead of the white vinyl, black vinyl showed up. I haven’t heard on numbers yet, but I would have to assume this mixup on black vinyl is out of 500. The thing is, these new black copies were pressed at a different location and the etchings are different. So if you’re a serious collector, this will be yet another variant to track down. The cool thing is, Vinyl Collective will be posting orders for these today. Both the mystery press and the 2nd press on white vinyl. He has 198 copies of each color and those should be going up today minus any issues. I’ll post back when I get more word on numbers and any other information I can help out. Thanks goes out to Andy for confirming the etchings between the first press and this mystery press.

First Press Etching – FLV-205.948
Mystery Press Etching – PIRATES PRESS GNR7

EDIT: These “were supposed” to go up today, but Virgil is waiting for some final numbers/words from Gunner Records before putting these up. So basically they could go up anytime in the next day or two. Maybe later tonight, most likely tomorrow, hell, maybe at the end of week since Gunnar is on tour right now with the Cobra Skulls, if he’s with them that is. He got back to me quick, so we’ll see…


One Response to “Senor and the Queen – Mystery Press”

  1. no problems mate, happy to help, just wish i could get my hands on a white copy now! haha

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