Senor and the Queen – 2nd Press

So the 2nd press is on white vinyl, but there was a rumor floating around about them showing up on black. Not really sure about them, but Vinyl Collective will be posting the orders up today or tomorrow for both the actual white second press and these mysterious black copies that are not first press. Virgil got in 198 copies of each color, so grab one or both colors while you can. Much easier to flip this record once for the EP, rather than 2x the amount for the double 7″ on sabot.
Anyways, I’ll post back when I hear more about these mysterious black copies, in the meantime, keep an eye out for these records to be posted along with a ton of other cool things. (falcon 10″, avail LP, get up kids possibly, etc…)


3 Responses to “Senor and the Queen – 2nd Press”

  1. hey,
    yeh i ordered this off the german amazon website because i couldnt track it down elsewhere, and i got a black one in the mail yesterday when the order said white, weird :S

  2. both pressings have identical sleeves (if you dont count the new vc sleeve on the 1st press) but the 2nd press black has on the record ‘PIRATES PRESS GNR7’ on it instead of ‘FLV-205.948’ like the 1st press.

  3. I emailed gunnar and he basically said the same thing, minus the etchings. So wow, between two presses, lots of variants. Gunnar also mentioned the sleeve being different from the first press as well. I’m hoping he has numbers on these new black ones. I’m guessing it would have to be 500, but he should be getting back to me tonight.

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