sink or swim demos repressed!

The sink or swim demos are being repressed, get your copies now. There are three colors. Vinyl Collective has an exclusive(black/green split), No Idea has an exclusive(gold) and there is a very large run of yellow vinyl. The VC exclusive is already gone, but keep an eye out as they do occasionally come back if someone cancels an order or whatever. These should be arriving late October or early November.

250 black/green half and half (VC exclusive) – gone
650 gold vinyl (No Idea Exclusive) – up for PO at No Idea
1600 yellow vinyl


One Response to “sink or swim demos repressed!”

  1. did anyone manage to get an extra copy of the black/green?? i missed out, its really hard getting pre orders of vc when you live in australia! they usually go up around 3am :S i have the following records up to trade: sos demo 7″ orange, sos demo 7″ blue/grey, 59 sound 12″ on blue, otherwise im happy to pay for it. cheers

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