devildance records

So devildance is repressing the sink or swim demos. Go over to Vinyl Collective as quick as your internet will allow and order up a copy or two. I think the demos sound cool and would be a good part of any collection. I also wanted to mention a couple of other releases devildance are working on right now and instead of me trying to explain it all, I’ll just grab what they had to say via the VC message board. For me, the Let Me Run LP is something I’ve been looking forward to for months now. Do what you can to help these guys out, they’re working hard putting out vinyl for some damn fine bands!


It only makes sense for us to do a repress like mentioned above. Not everyone got a demo and it didn’t get spread out to other distros and small stores like we hoped. This press we will have plenty to pass around and get them into the hands to everyone who wants them . If you purchased one already and don’t want another variant that’s cool too..thank you for the support the first time around.

Also we have a ton of other releases going on/coming out

The Sirs and Bloodreds Split 7″-

And we will be handling the vinyl for:

LET ME RUN “meet me at the bottom” LP (xoxo records) and 7″

More details coming soon on everything stay tuned!

Some other Bands to check out:



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