Old White Lincoln 7″ ???

Just read this on the vinyl collective message board. Take it for what it’s worth, but keep your eyes/ear open 🙂

Brian told me about this earlier today; they’re just finishing the art on it. It will be a CD and 7-inch exclusive to the U.K., so be prepared to shell out import prices. No word on who’s putting it out/when it’s coming out/what color(s) it will be or any of that, but just wanted to make you all aware.

And for those who didn’t see my post in the thread about the purported live Gaslight 10-inch, according to the band, they know absolutely nothing about it and have no plans to officially release one.


One Response to “Old White Lincoln 7″ ???”

  1. I’m hoping for at most two variants, /500 and /1000 (or /2000). Similar to the 59 Sound single

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