Gaslight Anthem / American Steel Split 7″ in the works

This is super early and I’ve heard bits and pieces over the past few months, but it’s in “print” somewhere, so I figured I would post here to follow it’s progress. Basically Vinyl Collective/ Suburban Home are doing a split series titled “Under The Influence” and from what i can understand, will be a series of seven inches with bands covering songs that have influenced their sound or lives or whatever they think it might be. You can see a list of the bands that have said yes in this interview with Virgil of Vinyl Collective. The list of bands is amazing and I really wish there was a subscription option, I would totally buy in. Not much else to say about this other than there is some new gaslight anthem vinyl in our future…


One Response to “Gaslight Anthem / American Steel Split 7″ in the works”

  1. dandangoose Says:

    i read about this on punknews (i think) at some point.
    ive been waiting for more info ever since.
    i cant wait.
    american steel is definitely one of my favorites.

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