Sink Or Swim – 3rd US Press Photo

Saw this on ebay tonight. Pressing info is wrong(/1000 each) and he says it’s mostly sold out, don’t buy into the hype, it won’t go THAT quick. I was expecting different colors, but the teal(green) is pretty cool and the lavender is. I’m really wondering if there is different shades, making variant hunters go crazy. Mine should be here any day now, hopefully by the end of the week. I’ll post better pictures once mine arrive! Oh and if you’re missing any hard to find presses, there is a collector breaking up his collection and his stuff ends in about 3 days on ebay, go search!


One Response to “Sink Or Swim – 3rd US Press Photo”

  1. My copy on purple came today and all it does is skip. So bummed about this because it’s my only copy on vinyl. I thought it might be the needle on my record player but I checked it with another record and it worked perfect.

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