Buying a 3rd Press Euro Sink Or Swim

I was talking to Gunnar at Gunner Records and he’s as bummed about not being to sell the new sink or swim on clear vinyl as much as we are, but he would rather work with labels, than against them, plus it makes getting this LP a little challenging. So I asked him where exactly we could get them. I had mentioned in the past, but he gave me four more options. Remember all of these options are in another language, so if english is your only option, go here first and then type in these URL’s, should help a little.
He mentioned you could get in touch with him and deal with him directly. His myspace is here which is the best way I know of to get in touch with him. Nice to guy to talk to and going to be the easiest since he speaks english pretty damn well. Not sure what he charges after shipping.
The next one he mentioned was He mentioned getting in touch first hand to make sure these were the new clear ones, as they did have some US copies floating around.
Next he mentioned which seems to be the cheapest place I could find. Pretty basic shopping cart too, so should be easier than most.
He mentioned, though he says it would be better to buy from one of the other places mentioned as you would be supporting independent music with those guys and not with amazon.

I hope this helps with anyone really wanting to get a clear copy. I think the clear looks amazing and cannot wait to get my copy in hands, very much worth it to have this color in your collection. Let me know if you have any questions, know of more places to buy or have issues with any of these places.


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