Senor and the Queen – 2nd Press

So it’s official, getting a copy of the recent repress of sink or swim on clear vinyl is going to cost you! There are group buys going on via the Vinyl Collective message board and you can order from a number of mailorders online from overseas. Either way, you’re looking at $25-$35 or even more.
But the good news! It looks like Vinyl Collective will be getting in 200 copies of the newest euro press(2nd press) of Senor and the Queen on white vinyl/10″ put out by Gunner Records in Germany. This repress is limited to 500 copies total and according to Virgil, they should getting them in a week or two. So keep your eyes on the site or check back here when you get a chance and I’ll let you know what’s going on with them as much as I can. I want to mention that I’m not sure if this will be a PO or a straight up purchase.

Also wanted to mention there are less than 100 copies left of the cash tribute album. If you haven’t picked up at least one copy, get on that! I’ll be posting more info about that record as the release date creeps up on us!


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