Sink Or Swim on Clear Vinyl!!!

Frank from the VC board just posted a picture of the new clear vinyl for the sink or swim LP. This is the third repress from gunner records, meaning it’s a euro press. The clear vinyl looks amazing and I cannot wait to get a copy for myself. I’ve heard there are some possible issues getting these into the US, but gunnar is working out the kinks and people will be able to get them regardless! He also posted some other pictures I will post in a few minutes. Enjoy the clear goodness! Oh and this clear press is /500


2 Responses to “Sink Or Swim on Clear Vinyl!!!”

  1. Any idea where people in North America will be able to buy a copy of the clear vinyl? It looks incredible!

  2. At this point, the only way to get a copy is either group buy, or directly from overseas. It’s going to cost about $25-$35 to get the LP, which sucks. I guess I’ll be doing the group buy route, but have one other option left, so we’ll see how that works.

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