Senor and the Queen – Jacket Variants

So for all you serious collectors out there, this should be a little fun for you. When Vinyl Collective had the first euro pressing for Senor and the Queen sent to them, they were damaged by Customs. The only thing damaged were the sleeves. 200 sleeves needed to be reprinted. The new sleeves had a few slight differences, all of which I’ll try to explain and show via a few pictures. For a collector going for a complete discography, you will now need two copies of this first euro press. I’ll list the differences and then the pictures. If you have any questions or concerns, post a comment and I’ll see what I can do about it. Click images for larger versions…

Original Sleeve Newer Sleeve
Record inserts from right side Record inserts from the top
Glossy finish Matte finish
Slightly smaller overall size Slightly bigger than the original
Gunner Records logo on back Sabot Productions and Gunner
Records logos on back
No label text GUNNER RECORDS – Licensed


this is one on top of the other, click the image to see this easier…


3 Responses to “Senor and the Queen – Jacket Variants”

  1. Where do I pick up the latest one?

  2. See, I don’t know if I’d say that both the /300 and the /200 are needed to call it complete. You have both jackets, that may be enough.

  3. the newest press is about two weeks out, I’ll post more as soon as I hear more from gunnar.
    I guess having the jackets alone would be enough. It sucks my extra jackets were dinged up pretty bad, but I found someone who is going to send me his spare ones and they’re mint, siked!

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