Euro Pressing bummer…

Okay, I posted about this yesterday or the day before, about there being a possible bummer coming up. Well, this has to deal with the sink or swim repress. Basically the reason for a euro pressing is so the fans overseas have easier access to the album. Selling those euro copies over here could possibly take away from the sales of the US press. It just kind of makes sense that each press stays on his own continent kind of thing. So it was great when VC was getting those in, but there is no point to take money away from labels and have them working against each other for a sale. It makes sense to me, even though it’s going to cost me more money in the end. Anyways, I’ll and post more info on this issue as I hear more. There will be some group buys going on I’m sure, so check the vinyl message boards and try to get one that way. I’m also looking at maybe ordering some copies myself to sell here.

PS Virgil from VC did mention that he will still be getting in the euro presses of senor and the queen, so that should save us americans a few bucks at least…


One Response to “Euro Pressing bummer…”

  1. Keep me posted on a group buy of SOS please!

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