euro imports from Vinyl Collective

So if you’re like me and ordered the 2nd sink or swim press or the 1st senor/queen press from vinyl collective and you’ve been waiting for months on these? Well, the jackets are now in and should be shipping by Monday. Virgil also updated the status of the 3rd press US sink or swim for anyone who ordered through VC. Anyways, here is his update, so siked, oh and the link has pictures for you!

Great news friends! We finally got the new jackets for the Euro Pressings of the Gaslight Anthem. We are pulling all of the orders right now and will be shipping them out on Monday. The new jackets look great and we decided to send the records housed in the bad jackets and package the good jackets with them.

You might not be able to notice, but the sink or swim jackets look a lot like the original ones. The Senor and the Queen, however jackets are now bigger and now have both the sabot and gunner records logos.

And for those of you wondering about the 3rd press of Sink or Swim, No Idea said that they will ship them to us on September 18th which means we will ship them out to you the following week. Fuck yeah!


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