5,000 visits and coffee mugs!

Just wanted to say thanks for anyone checking out the blog. I just cracked 5,000 visits and I’m pretty siked. I know some people have questioned whether this is even needed and honestly, I question it sometimes myself. But getting over 100 views everyday makes me think someone out there checks this blog out and finds something interesting. So yeah, thanks for all the kind words and help so far.

Also, on a real quick side note. If you haven’t picked up a coffee mug yet, I would do it soon. There are less than 10 left in the vinyl collective store and once these are gone, they will most likely be gone for good.


2 Responses to “5,000 visits and coffee mugs!”

  1. I like having the site available to find out what the latest scoop is. And I use the discography page almost daily

  2. Hey man! I just wanted to say a quick thank you for having such an awesome site. I, too, consider myself a collector of all things having to do with The Gaslight Anthem so being able to download all of the stuff from your Audio Downloads section is so amazing! That’s definitely my favorite part of the site. Also, in case I somehow don’t know about new vinyl news, I know that I’ll never miss anything because of your site.

    So thank you for all the acoustic stuff and the live sets! I am eternally grateful. Keep up the amazing work, buddy!!

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