vinyl updates…

Lots of little things to post. Had ear infections in both ears and still kind of recovering. So here are a bunch of random little updates.

Sink Or Swim – US 3rd press // Looks like No Idea is waiting on inserts. If you ordered these from VC, virgil mentioned these may ship to him by the end of the week, which means anyone who ordered these through No Idea should have them shipping to them around the same time.

Sink or Swim & Senor/queen euro imports: The new presses will be “released” this thursday. If you would like a copy sooner than later, get in touch with gunner records via the link to the right side of the page. Shipping can be a little high if you’re ordering from the states, but it should get here quicker than the last press. Which by the way, VC is still waiting on the covers, but as soon as those get in, virgil will be posting a PO for the newest euro presses.

The Cash tribute will be going up for PO today at VC. Keep checking until they pop up, these will go fast.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll try to keep ya’ll posted as things progress…


4 Responses to “vinyl updates…”

  1. Like I posted some days ago:
    I ripped the Annandale Hotel set for everyone to enjoy as mp3s:

  2. Thanks for the mp3s, Tobi.

    I’m starting to wonder how many more presses there will be for Sink or Swim.
    I’m hoping that its different for the ’59 Sound. Black, and then two variants and thats it.

  3. No problem …

  4. Damn. How did I miss that? I guess that’s what I get for going out interviewing.

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