Solidarity Recordings!

I got into the gaslight anthem long after the black copies of Sink Or Swim were gone. I did pick up the red/white splatter copy from no idea, so I’m not a complete late bloomer. When I decided to try and have a complete vinyl collection I started asking around for a black copy. This guy Randy from the VC message board got in touch and said he had a copy and would let it go to help fund his record label he was starting up. I kind of felt like I was helping him out and he was helping me out. So I picked them up and kind of forgot about his label.
Well, fast forward several months and Solidarity Recordings is the record label he was talking about. He already has an LP pressed by The Honor System, a 7″ coming out any day now for the Wardogs and a couple other northwest bands dropping records in the near future. I’ll post what he has on his site and you can do the rest. Take a listen and maybe help out someone starting from the ground up and order a record or two. Both of these records should be available from Vinyl Collective. The honor system is already there, wardogs should be up early next week.

THE HONOR SYSTEM – Single File: The debut full length from one of Chicago’s greatest bands. THE HONOR SYSTEM played emotionally and politically charged punk rock; complex music with thought provoking lyrics in a similar vein as early Jawbreaker, Jawbox, or Hot Water Music. Featuring ex-BROADWAYS guitarist/vocals, Dan Hanaway, and drummer, Rob DePaola. First put out by Asian Man Records on CD, after 8 or so years, Solidarity Recordings is pressing this great record on vinyl. Included will be liner notes from Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Chris McCaughan (The Lawrence Arms, Sundowner), Brian Moss (Olehole, Hanalei, The Ghost), and Randy Stahl (Solidarity Recordings). Truly a great record, by a great band. If you love The Lawrence Arms or the Broadways, you will for sure love The Honor System!

The WARDOGS hail from San Francisco, CA. Bringing us a strong dose of punk, punk, and more punk. I guess you’d put them in that STREET PUNK category. This is their debut EP. For fans of RANCID, THE BRIGGS, STREETDOGS, ANTI-FLAG and kids with mohawks. This is a co-release between Asian Man Records and Solidarity Recordings. First Press of this 7″ is /500. The Solidarity Recordings exclusive color is Clear Red and is /250. The Asian Man Records exclusive color is Clear Yellow and is /250. Includes dropcard for digital download. Rad record for sure!


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