Gaslight Anthem – Stevens Untitled Rock Show

I don’t really watch fuseTV a ton, just not much music I like on there and it seems every time I flip through, they’re playing that new bullet/butterfly video and that band just looks like a joke, not my thing, sorry for any fans out there reading this. Anyways, The Gaslight Anthem was on there about a week ago, I recorded and have been trying like hell to upload it somewhere, but my laptop sucks and I have dialup at home. Come to find out, it’s right on there damn site. No idea if it’s complete with their video or not, but check it out here and enjoy. Couple cool little facts in there and even mentions Vinyl Collective, which was a nice little drop for those guys! I also want to say Steven opens this show up like a complete fool and makes me want to choke him out. Saying something like, “I’m ultra, super, mega, uber, excited…” Come on, do people seriously that things like that these days? Wow, I need to get out more, but still, queef!
Regardless, go to the link, videos should be to the right and if you keep scrolling, lots of other cool bands to check out!


One Response to “Gaslight Anthem – Stevens Untitled Rock Show”

  1. So here`s some more stuff for you to post about …


    Interview and awesome Acoustic-Video of High Lonesome

    and finally a good bootleg i found somewhere:
    The Gaslight Anthem – Live In Boston 08-17-2008

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