devildance records update.

Just saw an update from devildance records posted to the VC message board mentioning a future repress of the sink or swim demos, including a VC exclusive. No word on how soon this will happen, but I’ll post back on that as soon as I hear more. Also, if you were one of the few to make it through to order, but were not sent anything, shoot them a message via myspace and they will hook it up with a refund.

hey guys… girls… etc. so as of this morning every single last SOS 7″ is sent. goddamn it just felt so GOOD to say that. i just want to say thanks. to everyone that was frustrated about shipping times, to everyone that wasnt for understanding. ill be the first to say that it couldve, and should’ve been WAAAAY faster. and for the 90th time im sorry about all the hold ups… but ill be godamned if im not gonna fix it. i just want all of you to know that all your patience and and support has been so huge for us as a label… especially one on the comeback. and i cant express how sincere i am about those statements. seriously thank you. and i assure you, the next bunch of mailings will be a HELL of a lot smoother. the gaslight records are officially all sold out, and there is a repress in the works including a VC exclusive. but more importantly we have a bunch of other stuff in the works right now by a a few other local artists who we think are amazing. i put up some new songs on the devildance myspace page from a few of our new bands a couple of which are downloadable. i would recommend a listen

thanks again for everything. this is the shit that gets us out of bed everyday. mike/devildance


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