euro import updates

So those of you waiting for your euro imports from Vinyl Collective can keep on waiting. VC is still waiting for the new jackets to come in, which no word on when those are expected to arrive. Virgil also mentioned he will be getting the new presses of Sink Or Swim and Senor and the Queen in as well. Gunner Records has mentioned those presses getting to him by late August, which should be the next couple of weeks. So I bet early to mid September for VC to get those in. Not sure if he’ll do a PO like last time or just wait for his stuff to arrive. He also mentioned that he should have the third US press of Sink or Swim in soon as well. For anyone not paying attention, here are the numbers between these four euro releases…

Sink or Swim LP – 2nd and 3rd press are out of 500, 2nd is on white vinyl, 3rd will be on clear
Senor/Queen 10″ – 1st and 2nd press are out of 500, 1st is on black vinyl, 2nd is on white


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