Brian on KEXP – Acoustic

Brian Fallon – Acoustic set on KEXP
Came across this link on the unofficial forums for gaslight anthem I check out from time to time. Not a ton of people posting here, but if you’re into the band at all, worth checking out for sure as cool things like this pop up all the time. Had a chance to listen to these and am impressed and very siked to hear Seattle is one of his favorite cities since I’ve lived there and still live in Washington. I think I want to buy him a pizza when he makes it here again. He says they will be playing here with Rise Against, so I’m really hoping they get a tour date after the BC show! Anyways, would be really cool to see someone release something like this on a seven inch, similar to the sink or swim demos released a month ago by devildance, damn, I feel a stronger connection with a couple of these songs, especially the title track, the ’59 sound.

1- ’59 Sound
2- Miles Davis And The Cool
3- Interview Pt. 1
4- Great Expectations
5- Interview Pt. 2
6- The Backseat


2 Responses to “Brian on KEXP – Acoustic”

  1. I always check this site, keep it going. Cheers for the Alk3 7″ too!

  2. thanks man, I had a couple extra, so figured it’d be a nice little bonus!

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