Sink Or Swim – 3rd Press colors!!!

Okay, I’ve been checking the no idea site daily for updates to the third press of Sink Or Swim and today, finally, it’s been updated. It looks like we’re getting two very random colors, opaque purple and opaque green. I’ve been told it was out of 2,000 by Jason at xoxo, but things could have changed over the past few months. I’ll post more info as it comes in, but for now, we’ll say 2,000 copies.

EDIT: This has been confirmed by No Idea. 1,000 on green and another 1,000 on purple. They have not arrived to No Idea yet, but I think those numbers should be pretty safe. Cannot wait to see photos of these! As bonus info from Var, he mentioned that further presses of Sink Or Swim should be limited to 1,000 on solid colors. So no worries about Reinventing Axl Rose type presses with single color variations. So any of us collectors out there can rest assured we won’t have to go completely into debt for this band, collection wise.


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