Gunner Records – Euro Press Info!

So I’ve got the final word on pressing numbers for the upcoming euro represses from Gunner Records for Sink Or Swim and Senor and the Queen. Also got word on the Cobra Skulls LP they are doing, which if you haven’t heard this band out of Reno, NV, you need to. Caught them at a show here in Seattle and was blown away. So click the link and give a listen. They also just released a 7″ through red scare, pick one up at a show near you.
Anyways, the news you need to hear from the horses mouth! These won’t be ready for at least a month, more like the end of sept., so don’t bother gunnar. For us Americans, I’m sure VC will get some in like last time, hopefully customs doesn’t destroy anything this time around.
Senor and the Queen 10″White vinyl out of 500
Sink or SwimCrystal Clear vinyl out of 500
And as a bonus,

    cobra skulls – sitting army – 500 on green vinyl

One Response to “Gunner Records – Euro Press Info!”

  1. White Senor? That will get confusing seeing as the Sabot press already put white out!

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