Gaslight Anthem coffee mugs!

These will be going up later today on vinyl collective. Keeping this short, posting while driving…

EDIT: Finally home after a long day trying to get a life AKA a job. Anyways, there are still some mugs up if that’s your thing. I picked up one for some hot chocolate this winter, not much of a coffee drinker myself and the only other mug I have is a Washington one, but it holds my pencils on my desk. Anyways, if you haven’t picked one up, they’re a little spendy, but eh, not every time a favorite band will grace a coffee mug. THE LINK! Seems to be lots left, so order ten and flip them on ebay. Oh and this mug is out of 200, not sure if they will be “pressed” again or if the color will be the same, hehe. Such a kidder.


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