Sink Or Swim Demo – WANTED!!!

So it looks like I won’t be getting the package from devildance. The guys are pretty apologetic, which is cool, I should be able to get my money back and pay an ass load on ebay or something. So bummed about this. I thought I was doine paying out my ass after tracking down sink or swim on black vinyl, but it seems I am wrong. So if anyone out there is willing to let go of their splatter copy, I would make it worth your time, though I really don’t know if I want to pay over $100 for it.
I guess what bums me out about this is that I’m a legit collector of the band. The band, the lyrics, everything means something to me. As lame as it may sound and though everyone might not agree with me, the lyrics touch me and I’m glad I was able to hear this music when I did. I decided I wanted to go for a complete collection and I’ve done my damnedest to keep that going. I thought waiting at the computer for 2 hours before they went on sale would work, but it didn’t and to see people already flipping a record and making money off of their popularity and music, bums me out. Especially when it’s people who care about this music that have to pay the big bucks to own it now. Sorry this has turned into a little rant, just bummed out. I hope everyone who cares about this band was able to get whatever they wanted from devildance, be it a package or just a single copy. I know everyone isn’t out for a complete collection. I think devildance still have some of the orange copies in their store if you haven’t picked one up yet. Vinyl Collective is out at this point though.


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